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Vietnam INA + ILIA Artisans

Despite the many battles that have been fought on Vietnamese soil, we love the resilient spirit of our Vietnamese artisans. They know how to playfully update what is old into something bright and new. 

Eugene Large (Ho Chi Minh City)


Eugene Large Designer Vietnam INA + ILIA

Eugene Large, a French-Vietnamese artist in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is known for taking old Vietnamese postcard designs and applying them to home textiles. Large is unique in what she does and keeps the nostalgic stories of these designs alive in her work.



Handicapped Workers Union (Hoi An)


Handicapped Workers Union Vietnam INA +ILIA

The Handicapped Workers Union, comprised of female artists who suffer from physical ailments, inhabits a small workshop in the scenic, coastal town of Hoi An, Vietnam. Employees receive training, ongoing support, a meal allowance, social insurance and health insurance. Their designs include ceramics and metalwork featuring a unique, locally-inspired Vietnamese design.



Hmong Tribal Women (Sa Pa)


Hmong Tribal Women Vietnam INA + ILIA

Female textile weavers from the northern Vietnam Hmong hill tribe in Sa Pa, Vietnam. Aptly named “flower work” in the Hmong language, their embroidery often consists of bold geometric designs realized in bright, contrasting colors. Different patterns and techniques of production are associated with geographical regions and cultural subdivisions within the global Hmong community. A portion of the proceeds go directly towards supporting the livelihoods of female weavers, and preserving the art of the Hmong people.



Lantern Artisans (Hoi An)


Lantern Artisans Vietnam INA + ILIA

The Lantern Artisans are a family-run, female led group that creates every size and shape of lantern imaginable using printed cotton fabric on bamboo reeds. Tethered to their history, hanging lanterns outside their homes is rooted in tradition and your purchase serves as a joyous way to share their craft with their world.


Phuong Thi (Ho Chi Minh City)

Phuong Thi Filligree Artist Vietnam INA + ILIA

Phuong is a female entrepreneur who owns a quilling factory that provides a safe environment for workers who are paid per finished piece. Quilling, or paper filigree, is the meticulous art of creating intricate shapes from trimmed strips of paper. Started in ancient Egypt, quilling originated between 300-400 AD and grew to popularity in Europe and the East over the centuries. In Vietnam, women are taught the craft in school, which has led to the development of a cottage industry.  Tiny strips of cream colored paper are rolled, shaped and glued together by female craftswomen who genuinely love the creative outlet that quilling provides.


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