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Our Story

The Idea

INA + ILIA is an online boutique offering hand-curated collections of chic home decor goods from underserved communities around the world. Our mission is to preserve and elevate the beautiful artistry and craftsmanship of products found in villages across the globe from Cambodia to Colombia. We are open about our desire to elevate and connect women around the world through beautiful, hand crafted products that help light up your home’s soul. We source stylish, classic pieces with a modern twist.

INA + ILIA Quality, Handmade and Directly Sourced

Quality, Directly Sourced

In the age of fast fashion, big box retailers, and mass-produced products, INA + ILIA offers beautiful, one of a kind, stylish pieces that are directly sourced from the original artists and suppliers. Each product has a unique story and maker that we share.

100% Organic, Handmade Goods

INA + ILIA focuses on procuring 100% handmade goods, that stand the test of time and emanate positive energy, ranging from textiles to ceramics. Each piece has been hand selected by Christina and Cecilia and is only available in small quantities.

Female Craft(wo)manship

We place particular emphasis on supporting small businesses owned and operated by women to help sustain their livelihoods and keep their traditional crafts alive. A portion of every dollar spent supports the women and families who craft our products.


Our Story

Cecilia and Christina INA + ILIA

INA + ILIA was founded by Christina Thelin, who grew up between her hometown of Los Angeles, California and Stockholm, Sweden where her parents are from. She hails from a line of Swedish artisans and craftsmen, cultivating a deep appreciation for hand painted porcelain, carved coasters and finely woven tablecloths at a young age. She always wanted to find a way to make these beautiful but unknown crafts more easily available to friends while also supporting these communities.

In 2017, Christina had a spiritual awakening and chose to leave her corporate job to travel around the world for a year and start her own business. During her time abroad, she rediscovered her love for handmade goods and sought out local craftswomen  who were thrilled to sell their unique, handmade items to her. Inspired and eager to support their legacy of crafs(wo)manship, Christina launched INA + ILIA to benefit women from underserved communities around the world.

Christ(INA) + Cec(ILIA)

The name INA + ILIA stems from the last few letters of the name Christ(ina) and Cec(ilia), her sister. During her travels, Christina sourced the products while Cecilia, ran on-the ground operations in the U.S. Growing up, Christina and Cecilia had always dreamt of starting a business together, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The name honors their relationship and the bonds of love, strength, and determination that women share.


Before INA + ILIA

Christina has an extensive background in building global brands across several Fortune 100 brands including Procter & Gamble, Visa, and Twitter. Christina earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Southern California and an M.B.A. from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Follow Christina on her blog at the Gilded Globe blog.

Cecilia has an extensive background in sales and retail, having spent over ten years as a district area sales manager at AAA. Cecilia earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Loyola Marymount’s College of Business Administration. Both sisters have a shared love of hunting for beautiful interior design products and international travel.



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