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Some of the most beautiful art in the world has been preserved in India. We absolutely love the heritage of this richly layered culture, oftentimes called the cradle of civilization.

Blockprinters Group (Jaipur)


Blockprinter's Group India INA + ILIA

These craftswomen are located outside of Jaipur, India - a city whose founders were enlightened patrons of the arts and crafts. Nature centers their process: the wooden hand block is the most organic printing device, and dyeing with vegetable colors is a non-toxic coloring technique that goes back centuries.



Camel Bone Carvers Collective (Gujarat)


Camel Bone Carvers Collective Gujarat India INA + ILIA Artisans

A camel bone artisans collective. The highly skilled craft of camel bone artistry is one of the most intricate art forms indigenous to India, dating back centuries when ornaments were prepared from animal bones and horns. Artisans practicing this Awadhi style craft require mastering dexterity in using miniature ‘tilli’ tools and painting techniques. The camel bones are collected from deceased camels and cut into different sizes, according to the project requirements, in an airy workshop.




Jat Weaving Collective (Gujarat)


Jat Weaving Collective INA + ILIA Mirror Work Gujarat India

Female weavers form a weaving collective in the Jat community in the Banni Grassland Reserve in northwestern India. Mirror work produced by this community is influenced by motifs and designs that have long been integrated into the culture and heritage of traditional Indian textile handicrafts. Craftswomen and men in this region are highly skilled in mirror work production and embroidery, often completed as heavy patchwork quilts.   



Jodhpur Iron Mold Workers (Jodhpur)


Jodhpur Iron Mold Workers India INA + ILIA Artisans

A team of craftswomen and men hand pour iron into clay molds in their large iron workshop in Jodhpur, India. Dating back to the Bronze Age, ironworking in India dates from approximately 3000 BCE.



Kutch Craftswomen Collective (Gujarat)


Kutch Craftwoman's Collective Gujarat India INA + ILIA

Kutch craftswomen work as part of a cooperative of 1200+ rural artisans from 11 ethnic communities across 65 villages in arid interiors of Kutch, India. Providing socioeconomic empowerment to women, the collective preserves traditional Kutch embroidery - a beautiful and heavily detailed form of Indian traditional embroidery which originates from the Kutch region of Gujarat in North Western India. The embroidery techniques comprise a combination of stitches and mirrors, or ‘abhla.’ These small mirrors and sometimes even beads are used along with embroidery, placed decoratively along geometric patterns.  



Marble Artisans (Jodhpur) 


Jodhpur Marble Artisans INA + ILIA Handmade

A team of artists who chisel marble figurines in Jodhpur, India in an airy workshop. The hand stone-carving tradition is especially strong in Rajasthan, where you can admire highly refined sculptures at every turn. Hand chiseling allows artisans to work in slow progression to create a beautiful piece of art as an expression of their heart - a display of the divine that lives within all of us.



Rajasthan Weavers (Jodhpur)


Rajasthan Weavers India INA + ILIA handmade

The female weavers of the Rajasthan Weavers group hand weave textiles that preserves the art of weaving, which has been in India for hundreds of years, popularized during the 1400s when European households ordered rich tapestries be produced. Jodhpur is located in Rajasthan, India known for its brightly hued palacial cities of blue and pink. The use of cotton, linen, wool, and cashmere follows the traditional method of dhurrie weaving, adapted to modern usage and woven on a power loom using naturally collected fibers or wool, originally from the Kashmir goat.



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