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Cambodia INA + ILIA  

Cambodia is considered the land of the rising sun, full of ancient temples and extensive waterways. We love the artists we support in Cambodia for their infectious optimism, appreciation for nature, and artistic history.

Rany Som (Siem Reap)

​Rany Som INA + ILIA Artisans

Entrepreneur Rany Som, and her small staff of female craftswomen work in a two-story workshop in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Her pieces are hand-crafted and typically include the use of seeds, beads, and natural elements. Rany uses over twenty different kinds of seed found growing locally to create delicate homewares. She founded her company in 2011.




    Silk Island Widow’s Weaving Collective (Silk Island)


    Silk Island Women's Weaving Collective INA + ILIA

    Silk Island is home to a silk weaving village and silk center, where the entire silk production process can be witnessed. Mulberry-eating silkworms in golden cocoons are carefully raised before their silk threads are spun and woven into stunning kramas (traditional silk scarves) and other items. The main silk weaving center on the island is home to a collection of beautifully constructed homes where weavers patiently weave their looms, creating simple but finely crafted silk wares. The farm employs a number of widows who can live in the homes and support their families, while raising children. Silk is considered a magical insulator, helping to shepherd in transformation in one’s life.


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