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Artisan Commitment

Why choose INA + ILIA?

Your home is an oasis with an energy all its own. Decor today is industrial, fast, mass-produced, and homogenous. INA + ILIA strives to help you decorate from a place of consciousness, vibrancy, warmth, and beauty. We provide slow home goods, handmade from beautiful traditions across the globe by female artisans. By decorating with these conscious pieces, you not only help to empower female artisans and preserve their crafts, but also bring beautiful, conscious pieces and energy into your home--and your world.

We believe that each piece you bring into your home has an energy. When you fill your home with low-quality, mass-produced goods, you lower the energy in your space. By bringing conscious, thoughtful, and slowly made pieces in your home, you can not only create a more beautiful space, but one with higher vibrational energy. Conscious decorating wholly changes your space, which creates a more harmonious world.

We are currently living in a very masculine world and the trend of decor reflects that. We need to balance this hard, industrial masculine energy with warm, beautiful feminine energy. By filling your home with objects made with love and formed out of beautiful tradition, we can bring balance back to your space, giving you an oasis that feels warm and vibrant and begins to bring balance back to the world. It’s with this in mind that we source stylish, classic pieces with a modern twist from across Asia that will light up your home.

We thoughtfully and carefully curate our collections of handcrafted home decor products solely from female-owned or operated businesses. By empowering female artisans and preserving “crafts(wo)manship,” we not only support women who are working to create a living for themselves and their families which, in turn, allows for access to healthcare, education, and the creation of a harmonious home for their family, but also empower our whole world.

At INA + ILIA, our vision is to empower and unite women around the world. We do this by connecting our customer base with global artisans, through carefully curated collections of handcrafted home decor products from female owned or operated businesses.  

We support women who are working to create a living for themselves and their families which, in turn, allows for access to healthcare, education, and the creation of a harmonious home for their family. At INA + ILIA, we believe we are all cut from the same cloth, across all socioeconomic classes, genders, cultures, sexual orientations, education levels and races.


With INA + ILIA:

  • Receive one of a kind, high-quality, conscious products rooted in positive energy
  • You know where your home decor products are made, and who makes them
  • Empower artisans and their communities financially and socially
  • Help them share and sustain traditional crafts

We currently work with over 18 artisans and collectives around the world. Here’s what you need to know: 


Every dollar you spend supports fair wages, safe working environments, and a direct investment into artisan entrepreneurs. We ensure that the artists and entrepreneurs we support honor the following guidelines:


  • Employ at-risk, impoverished women to improve their livelihood
  • Use of natural and organic products that follow the Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Honor traditional handmade artisan techniques
  • Provide sustainable fair trade wages
  • Create classic designs, with a modern twist, reflective of the culture they come from


How do we find our partners?

  • A combination of researching fair trade partners, meeting with trade cooperatives and working directly with artisans who meet our standards.
  • Our strongest partnerships come from traveling directly to the source city and reviewing the workshop or site. Learn more about our co-founder Christina’s journey here.


Are the artisans paid fairly? 

  • We pay our partners under fair trade standards to ensure they are getting paid the best prices for their skills.


How are the countries chosen?

  • We choose countries that have rich artisan and spiritual traditions where the craft is still alive and strong.


How are items priced?

  • We base prices on the ensuring artisans are paid fairly for each piece, while covering our operating costs. Because we do not operate with brick and mortar stores and work directly with artisans, we are able to offer significantly lower prices for our high quality, sustainable products compared to retail stores.




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