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Karishma Pencil Box
Karishma Pencil Box
Karishma Pencil Box
Karishma Pencil Box

Camel Bone Carvers Collective // India

Karishma Pencil Box


Why we love it

A tiny miracle, the weighty camel bone covered teak Karishma Pencil Box, hand painted with a ceremonial motif, will add an elegant touch to your home office, living room or bedroom. The hidden slide out container can hold pens, a watch, jewelry or other small keepsakes. The off-white piece, hand painted with black, silver and orange accents features a celebratory procession of fifteen soldiers surrounding an elephant, flanked by two horses, parading by a palace. Musical instruments adorn the box’s sides. Elephants represent strength, power, and longevity as well as the Sacred Feminine in all of her glory. The horses represent freedom. In numerology, the number fifteen marks the manifestation of a harmonious life. Looking for the perfect promotion or retirement gift? This is it.

Meet our artisans

The Karishma pencil box was intricately handcrafted in Gujarat, India by camel bone artisans in the Camel Bone Carvers Collective. The highly skilled craft of camel bone artistry is one of the most intricate art forms indigenous to India, dating back centuries when ornaments were prepared from animal bones and horns. Artisans practicing this Awadhi style craft require mastering dexterity in using miniature ‘tilli’ tools and painting techniques. The camel bones were collected from deceased camels and cut into different sizes, according to the project requirements, in an airy workshop.

The details

  • Teak wood and camel bone (No animals were hurt in creating this product - they are from deceased camels)
  • Off-white, with black, silver, and orange natural dye hand-painted accents
  • Imperfections due to nature of camel bone and line drawing
  • Dimensions: 10.8” wide x 2.4” tall x 2.1” deep (insert 7.6” wide, 1.2” deep, 1” tall)
  • Weight: (1.40 lbs) 632 g


Why choose INA + ILIA?

  • Receive one of a kind, high-quality, conscious products rooted in positive energy
  • You know where your home decor products are made, and who makes them
  • Our makers are paid fair market wages
  • Empower artisans and their communities financially and socially
  • Help them share and sustain traditional crafts

Our gift to you

With every INA + ILIA purchase, you will receive a free rainbow moonstone as a token of our thanks for supporting global female craftswomen. Rainbow moonstones harness energy to help women to recognize and embrace their personal power and inner strength. It teaches us confidence, and emanates great life force, vitality and overwhelming joy. By connecting our customers with female artisans around the world, we hope to help you ignite your own inner light and create a conscious home.

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