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Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket
Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket
Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket
Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket
Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket
Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket
Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket

Rajasthan Weavers // India

Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket



Why we love it

The luxurious Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket is woven by handloom from the finest cashmere in the world, resulting in a silky and warm wrap as noble as the name it carries. Impossibly soft to the touch and intricately handwoven with bird and floral motifs, this weighty reversible shawl can double as a wrap, cozy blanket, throw or even tablecloth. Whether you choose to wear the royal blue/turqouise combo to help awaken your heart and throat chakras as part of your daily meditation practice or one of the red/pink combos that aid in opening up your root and solar plexes for a night on the town, you will carry a lively and positive energy wherever you go. This makes for the perfect birthday gift, new mom accessory or housewarming present.

Meet our artisans

The Arya Cashmere (known as Pashmina around the world) Shawl is lovingly made by Rajasthan hand weavers in Rajasthan, India known for its brightly hued palacial cities of blue and pink. The cashmere follows the traditional method of dhurrie weaving, adapted to modern usage and woven on a power loom using naturally collected wool, originally from the Kashmir goat. The female weavers who make this shawl are part of a cashmere weaving collective and the goats are tended to on organic farms. The art of weaving cashmere has been in India for hundreds of years, popularized during the 1400s when European households ordered rich tapestries be produced.

The details

  • Made of 100% cashmere
  • Dimensions: 70” x 70” (5.8’ x 5.8’)
  • Weight: (1.58 lbs) 715 g
  • Origin: Jodhpur, India - a city in the Thar Desert of the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan known as the ‘Blue City’


Why choose INA + ILIA?

  • Receive one of a kind, high-quality, conscious products rooted in positive energy
  • You know where your home decor products are made, and who makes them
  • Our makers are paid fair market wages
  • Empower artisans and their communities financially and socially
  • Help them share and sustain traditional crafts


Our gift to you

With every INA + ILIA purchase, you will receive a free rainbow moonstone as a token of our thanks for supporting global female craftswomen. Rainbow moonstones harness energy to help women to recognize and embrace their personal power and inner strength. It teaches us confidence, and emanates great life force, vitality and overwhelming joy. By connecting our customers with female artisans around the world, we hope to help you ignite your own inner light and create a conscious home.

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