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Amara Embroidered + Mirrored Jewelry Pouch
Amara Embroidered + Mirrored Jewelry Pouch
Amara Embroidered + Mirrored Jewelry Pouch
Amara Embroidered + Mirrored Jewelry Pouch

Kutch Craftswomen Collective // India

Amara Embroidered + Mirrored Jewelry Pouch


Why we love it

The eternal, timeless Amara Embroidered + Mirrored Jewelry Pouch is an excellent storage solution for that precious keepsake or piece of jewelry.  Adorned with finely embroidered mirror work, the Amara cotton jewelry pouch heralds in love and truth with its blue and green coloring accented with white and brown thread. Made of natural dyes and cotton fibers, this will last for generations to come. These embroideries help preserve a tradition that has been passed on for centuries, often offered as customary gifts in weddings, dowries, and spiritual ceremonies. Can double as a children’s purse as well.

Meet our artisans

The Amara jewelry pouch is handmade by the Kutch Craftswomen Collective  who have passed on their needlework tradition from generation to generation. The women are part of a cooperative of 1200+ rural artisans from 11 ethnic communities across 65 villages in arid interiors of Kutch, India. Providing socioeconomic empowerment to women, the collective preserves traditional Kutch embroidery - a beautiful and heavily detailed form of Indian traditional embroidery which originates from the Kutch region of Gujarat in North Western India. The embroidery techniques comprise a combination of stitches and mirrors, or ‘abhla.’ These small mirrors and sometimes even beads are used along with embroidery, placed decoratively along geometric patterns.  

The details

  • Made of 100% cotton, hand-mirrored and embroidered with brown, white, and forest green thread
  • Royal blue cotton backing
  • Interior pouch with drawstring closure, exterior loop and button
  • Dimensions: 5” w x 4” t x 0.25” thick
  • Weight: (0.06 lbs) X 29g
  • Origin: Kutch, Gujarat - India


Why choose INA + ILIA?

  • Receive one of a kind, high-quality, conscious products rooted in positive energy
  • You know where your home decor products are made, and who makes them
  • Our makers are paid fair market wages
  • Empower artisans and their communities financially and socially
  • Help them share and sustain traditional crafts


Our gift to you

With every INA + ILIA purchase, you will receive a free rainbow moonstone as a token of our thanks for supporting global female craftswomen. Rainbow moonstones harness energy to help women to recognize and embrace their personal power and inner strength. It teaches us confidence, and emanates great life force, vitality and overwhelming joy. By connecting our customers with female artisans around the world, we hope to help you ignite your own inner light and create a conscious home.     

like—herringbone stitch, darning stitch, chain stitch, buttonhole stitch, running stitch and cross stitch. The techniques are regionalized; therefore each has a dominance of particular types of stitches.

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