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To Wander // Global Fashion

Christina Thelin

Posted on August 30 2018

To Wander // Global Fashion



One of the most beautiful things about traveling is encountering cultures and fashion that you have never heard of or seen before. Perhaps you’ve seen elements of the culture appear in high end fashion. What you might not realize is that most couture work found across high end fashion and home decor is created in cultures rich in religious traditions. Below are ten women from around the world, sporting their local traditional handwoven and beaded clothing. Pay attention to the stunning embroidery and beadwork in their traditional costumes. You can see the love that has gone into adorning these stunning clothes, often passed down through the generations. Many of these pieces tell a story about the family and where they come from and are passed down generation to generation.

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10 Fashionable Cultures from Around the World

1. Kenya - Beadwork

Kenya Beadwork INA + ILIA

2. Peru - Embroidery

Peru Embroidery INA + ILIA

3. Pakistan - Beadwork

Pakistan Beadwork INA + ILIA

4. Tibet - Jewelry

Tibet Jewelry INA + ILIA

5. Phillipines - Painting

Phillipines Painting INA + ILIA

6. India - Jewelry

India Jewelry INA + ILIA

7. Bulgaria - Headdresses

Bulgaria Headdresses INA + ILIA

8. Sweden - Weaving

Arctic Circle Sami INA + ILIA

9. Senegal - Fabric

Senegal Fabric INA + ILIA
10. Vietnam - Beadwork/Embroidery

 Vietnam INA + ILIA

Photo credit: Pinterest 

What are your favorite cultural fashion traditions?


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