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To Wander // Top Travel Accessories

Christina Thelin

Posted on July 17 2018

To Wander // Top Travel Accessories


Traveling - it opens your mind, introduces you to new people and places, and forces you to really break out of your routine and live. Sometimes, it is an assault on the senses, other times it can be a relaxing getaway. Whatever your preferred travel style might be, INA + ILIA has a few fantastic gifts for the conscious wanderlust in your life or perfect outfit to pack for your getaway. Below are our favorite travel accessory picks for this season’s getaway.

Five Favorite Conscious Summer Travel Accessories

1. Ramya Tassel + Mirror Shawl Blanket, $56

Shawl INA + ILIA

The Ramya Tassel + Mirror Shawl, which can double as a blanket on those long airplane rides, is hand-woven from fine natural cotton fibers. Featuring festive tassels and metallic threading, you are sure to please the eye of the beholder with this stunning accessory. Soft to the touch and intricately handwoven, this warm shawl can double as a wrap, cozy blanket, or throw. Whether you choose the orange or magenta shawl, you will aid in opening up your root and solar plexes, channeling lively and positive energy wherever you go.


2. Rotha Necklace, $95

Rotha Necklace INA + ILIA

The only jewelry you’ll need to bring, the Rotha Necklace will be the showstopper that will have your friends and family asking, “where did you find it?” (It can be our little secret). Handcrafted with uniquely painted Job’s tears seeds and clasped together by hammered silver, keep this piece of Cambodia close to your heart everywhere you go, while supporting the female artisans who crafted it. The color of silver has a feminine energy; it is related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides - it is fluid, mysterious, calming and purifying.


3. Izna Marble Buddha Bust, $35

Izna Marble Buddha Bust

With a name that means ‘light’, this miniature 2” x 3” hand-carved white marble buddha bust is a small but powerful reminder of the light within each of us. Using ancient chiseling techniques, no two Izna Marble Buddhas are alike. Powerful symbols of wisdom, these buddha heads represent the ideal state of intellectual and ethical perfection. Bring the Izna Marble Buddha Bust along for your trip to set up your mobile meditation station. Store it in the stunning hand embroidered Myrthi pouch


4. Amoli Linen Tassel + Mirror Round Cross Body Bag, $80

Amoli Linen Tassel Hand Embroidered Cross body bag

The precious, finely hand beaded Amoli Linen Tassel + Mirror Round Cross Body Bag with tassels is stunning upon first glance. Add a festive pop of color to your travel outfit, whether heading out for the evening in a t-shirt and jeans or a cocktail dress. Adorned with finely embroidered mirror work, colorful handmade tassels, and a golden threaded strap, the Amoli cross body bag is a timeless classic that invites in positive energy and peace. Delicate to the touch but made of natural, organic cotton fibers you will want to wear this again and again. Looking for a bridal shower gift or sweet sixteen present? This is it. These embroideries help preserve a tradition that has been passed on for centuries, often offered as customary gifts in weddings, dowries, and spiritual ceremonies.


5. Astrid Floor Length Boho Print Dress, $75

Astrid Floor Length Boho Dress

With a name meaning ‘gorgeous goddess,’ what’s not to love about our striking Astrid Floor Length Boho Print Dress with beautiful bell sleeves? We love the punchy pink and black floral and pinstripe print adorned with cotton tassels around the v neck and empire waist line. A perfect travel companion, wear it for wine tasting or a beach getaway. You are sure to draw looks of admiration while sporting this chiffon concoction.


What are your favorite travel accessories?


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