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To Thrive // Conscious Kitchen 101

Christina Thelin

Posted on July 30 2018

To Thrive // Conscious Kitchen 101


The kitchen is considered the heart of the home for many reasons. It is where meals are cooked and eaten to nourish yourself, your loved ones, and your family. It is where you gather with friends and family to start and end the day, a place to celebrate, a place to reminisce, a place to be thankful for all that life has to offer. Cooking can be a meditative process for many - a respite from the noise of the world and the day. The kitchen also supports the service of transforming love into nourishing meals. Without good nourishment, we cannot fully step into our wholeness. We cannot truly rise and shine without having proper nourishment - one of our core needs as humans. Below are INA + ILIA’s five tips for creating a more conscious kitchen to support you in your conscious living evolution.

Five Decorating Tips for Creating a Conscious Kitchen

1. Add more joy with pops of color and light

Color psychology is a real thing for good reason. In this world of black and white that we live in, incorporating different colors in your kitchen, or entire home for that matter can, can help enhance or draw out positivity and help balance your mood.

Saloni Tablecloth Handwoven India INA + ILIA

The name Saloni means beautiful, and our stunning one of a kind hand-embroidered textiles are a beautiful example of the mirror-work found in Gujarat, India. Woven cotton with mirror detailing on organic burlap, the colorful Saloni Tablecloth will rejuvenate any area of your home. With sun and heart motifs, these dowry pieces are sure to add a sunny spot in your kitchen.

The Saloni tablecloth hails from Gujarat, India and is handmade by a female weaver from the Jat Weaving Collective in the Banni Grassland Reserve. Mirror work produced by this community is influenced by motifs and designs that have long been integrated into the culture and heritage of traditional Indian textile handicrafts. Craftswomen and men in this region are highly skilled in mirror work production and embroidery, often completed as heavy patchwork quilts.   

Shop: Saloni Tablecloth, $375


2. Incorporate beautiful, handmade serve ware used to celebrate special occasions 

At INA + ILIA, we love family traditions and a reason to celebrate. Help enhance the celebratory mood of a family gathering or celebration by incorporating special pieces that you reserve for these occasional celebrations.

Thu Ceramic + Bronze Tea Set

Add opulence to your table with this hand painted, hammered bronze Vietnamese Thu Ceramic & Bronze Teaset. One of our most exquisite pieces, this set is guaranteed to spark conversation whether it’s being used to serve friends and family, displayed on your side table or preserved in your porcelain cabinet.

The Thu Tea Set was handmade and fired by handicapped female artists in a small workshop part of the Handicapped Workers Union in the scenic, coastal town of Hoi An, Vietnam. Employees receive training, ongoing support, a meal allowance, social insurance and health insurance. Each of the 6 square-shaped teacups created features a unique, locally-inspired Vietnamese design.

Shop: Thu Ceramic + Bronze Teaset, $450


3. Amp up your use of reusable products and containers

It has become way too easy to use disposable products. Help protect Mother Earth and reduce the use of plastic serve ware by committing to use reusable glass, porcelain and ceramic dishware in your home. Laziness or a lack of dishwasher are no longer good excuses.

Chaila Porcelain Jar INA + ILIA

Perched on your kitchen counter, the Chaila Porcelain Jar is a versatile piece that can be used to brighten your kitchen counter while keeping your garlic or ginger fresh. Painted in a classic blue and white flower motif with gold accents, the Chaila Porcelain Jar stands out wherever she goes.

Hand painted by male and female artisans in a small batch factory part of the Blue + White Pottery Collective outside of Bangkok, Thailand. The intricate art of blue-and-white pottery has been prevalent in Thailand since the 1300’s, and this piece brings years of tradition and ancestral energy into every room.

Shop: Chaila Porcelain Jar, $150


4. Introduce more organic and plant based ingredients in your cooking

How you feel starts with what you eat. If you are putting junk and poison in your body, you'll feel like crap. End of story. So give yourself some love and eat more nutritious foods that will help you have a good day.

Boonsri Porcelain Bowl INA + ILIA 

Crafted in an eye-catching blue and white fan motif with brass accents, the Boonsri Porcelain Bowl serves as the perfect serving dish or fruit bowl for your plant based dishes. A classic, multi-purpose piece that adds elegance to any area of your home. Brass is the metal that brings out natural good and inner truth, while blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, and wisdom.

Each piece is carefully crafted and hand painted by male and female artisans in a small batch factory part of the Blue + White Pottery Collective outside of Bangkok, Thailand. The intricate art of blue-and-white pottery has been prevalent in Thailand since the 1300’s, and this piece brings years of tradition and positive energy into every room

Shop: Boonsri Porcelain Bowl, $185


5. Add a conversation piece with a rich story behind it

Help preserve the art of storytelling in your home by incorporating pieces made with love and ancient traditions so that you can gather around and create your own stories to pass down generation to generation.

Mayuree Linen Runner

Bring a playful pop of color into your home with this white, black and red fringed Mayuree Linen Runner. Use it on your dining table as a runner for your next dinner party or as an accent piece on a chairback. The Mayuree Linen runner represents the mountains and waves found in Thailand, shepherding in tranquility and warmth into your home.

The Mayuree Throw is handwoven by Thai women in rural communities working for a small, female-lead business, the Textile Weaving Women's Groupin the surrounding areas of Bangkok, Thailand. Each piece is woven and mud dipped in natural dye, an ancient process that Thai craftswomen carry on today. By using many applications of plant juices, teas and mud, they are able to hand dye the cotton fibers and create these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Shop:  Mayuree Linen Runner, $75.00


What are your favorite pieces within the kitchen that help promote a conscious kitchen? Let us know in the comments below.


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