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To Rethink // Art of Wabi Sabi

Christina Thelin

Posted on August 15 2018

To Rethink // Art of Wabi Sabi


In a world dominated by sleek white lines and minimalist, cold interiors, INA + ILIA is on a mission to add more splashes of colors, bold prints, and intricate handmade styles mixed in with both new and old pieces within your home. There is a warm and inviting feel to the style that allows one to fully relax in a space that honors nature’s cycle of birth, growth, and erosion embracing an objects aging as if it had its very own spirit. It also honors handmade items that come with flaws, which we see as marks of love. At INA + ILIA, we have fully embraced the Japanese art of imperfection, affectionately known as wabi-sabi.

Originating in the 1400’s in reaction to the prevalent ornamental theme of the time, wabi-sabi aims to find beauty in the imperfectly, perfect natural state of things. It celebrates cracks, crevices, and the well worn patina that only time can give an object. Wabi-sabi recognizes and salutes the profoundness of an item’s history - the thought that went into making that item and the history of time that it has withstood. Rather than throwing a chipped teacup away, wabi-sabi would honor the cup’s glory and passing of time instead by filling the chipped area with gold.

Below are five ways in which you can incorporate the philosophy of wabi-sabi in your conscious home.


5 Tips for Honoring Imperfection, Wabi-Sabi Style, in Your Home

1. Recover an old chair with a sturdy, colorful textile such as a repurposed shawl or blanket

wabi-sabi ina + ilia

2. Create a piece of art out of old accessories or hand-me downs, hanging the 'art' in a beloved corner of your home

wabi-sabi ina + ilia

3. Mix and match plates, bowls, and cups during your next dinner party

wabi-sabi ina + ilia

4. Give an old piece of wood furniture new life by painting it with chalk paint or gold gilding its accents.

wabi-sabi ina + ilia

5. Create a new flower arrangement using a different vase with the still-fresh flowers in a wilting bouquet

wabi-sabi ina + ilia 

What are some of your favorite ways to honor imperfectly beautiful old objects in your home? Share in the comments section below. 


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