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To Nurture // Baby Safety

Christina Thelin

Posted on September 07 2018

To Nurture // Baby Safety

September is National Baby Safety Month, and INA + ILIA is on a mission to raise awareness around the origin and type of materials used in household materials. Did you know that non-organic fibers can contain any number of toxic substances, like petrochemicals and PVC, that have been linked to a variety of developmental and behavioral issues? Babies have a higher ratio of skin surface area to body volume, which means they absorb chemicals easier. Their skin is actually 30 percent thinner than adults. This leaves babies especially open to absorbing harmful additives and synthetic chemicals that are often sprayed on large-scale commercially produced fabrics.

We’ve all heard the term ‘Green Home’ but what exactly does it mean? It comes from the idea of creating a home that’s closer to nature, our true place of origin, our home. There is a reason we feel more peaceful and secure when we have spent time in the great outdoors. You breathe easier, you feel more at peace, and your general energetic vibration is heightened. Therefore, we should strive to create a home that is as natural as possible for babies and growing children - that helps nurture and nourish them in a safe, warm embrace through the use of simple, organic, and natural materials and dyes. Below are a few of our favorite items to give Moms to Be.

5 Gifts for Moms to Be

1. Ladli Rag Doll, $25-35

Ladli Rag Doll INA + ILIA

This beautiful, handmade Ladli Rag Doll from Gujarat, India is representative of the women and men of the region that turn out the beautiful, hand embroidered and beaded textiles enjoyed the world over. A perfect baby shower gift or newborn gift, this organic cotton and natural dye toy is best preserved on a shelf as decoration. A wonderful way to educate your children about people around the world!

2.  Lalita Cotton Robe, $95

Lalita Cotton Blockprint Paisley Blue White Robe INA + ILIA

This ultrasoft traditional paisley Lalita Cotton Robe will complement your morning or nighttime routine at home. Block printed on cotton that only gets softer over time, treat yourself or the new mothers in your life to this small gift of luxury. Fits all sizes and includes a belt, one pocket and inside robe tie. Paisley is an art form representing the totality of life within a drop. Fertility, creation, abundance and all of what is necessary to bring something into being. Paisley is a great tool for meditation that can be used to zone in and out at the same time.

3. Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket, $392

Arya Reversible Cashmere Blanket Shawl INA + ILIA

The luxurious Arya Cashmere Reversible Shawl Blanket is woven by handloom from the finest cashmere in the world, resulting in a silky and warm wrap as noble as the name it carries. Impossibly soft to the touch and intricately handwoven with bird and floral motifs, this weighty reversible shawl can double as a wrap, cozy blanket, throw or even tablecloth. Whether you choose to wear the royal blue/turqouise combo to help awaken your heart and throat chakras as part of your daily meditation practice or one of the red/pink combos that aid in opening up your root and solar plexes for a night on the town, you will carry a lively and positive energy wherever you go. This makes for the perfect birthday gift, new mom accessory or housewarming present.

4. Dao Brass Ginko Tea Leaf Strainer, $45

Dao Brass Ginko Tea Leaf Strainer INA + ILIA

Inspired by peaceful connection to nature in Vietnamese tea culture, the Dao Brass Ginko Tea Leaf Strainer is a gorgeous compliment to our Thi and Thu Ceramic Tea Sets. Rest the strainer gently on your teacup, pour hot water over fresh tea leaves or infuse the tea from hot water below. Do as our makers do, and enjoy your tea every morning, after lunch and on special occasions. The ginko leaf is a bearer of hope and symbol of strength and love.

5. Tuyen Baby Greeting Card, $5

Tuyen Greeting Card INA + ILIA

Meaning messenger, the cream colored Tuyen Baby Greeting Card with white envelope, comes in a variety of styles for you to choose from depending on the occasion you are celebrating. True pieces of art, these beautiful, pop-up cards from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam feature intricately laser-cut and hand-folded shapes including a ferris wheel, flower bouquet, and cake among other designs. Delight a Mom to Be with this finely crafted card that has plenty of blank space for your personal written message.

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What are your favorite safe mom to be gifts? Tell us in the comments below. 



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