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To Meditate // Light Worker

Christina Thelin

Posted on July 26 2018

To Meditate // Light Worker


As humankind elevates to a higher level of consciousness, more light workers are entering our world. If you haven’t heard of the term light worker, it refers to those individuals who carry within them the ability to attain spiritual awakening and consciousness. Their role is to wake up the people that inhabit our beautiful Earth and connect them to the eternal source of Love that we all stem from. They have gone through trials and tribulations to awaken to their own internal light in a way that can inspire those around them and realize that they are apart of something much bigger. They are here to serve others and the world. Some of the most famous light workers include Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson to name a few.

While light workers can come in many forms (star seeds, rainbow children, Indigo, crystal child etc), the 5 key traits they share are listed below.

5 Qualities of a Light Worker - Are you one?

  1. Do you believe your purpose is to shine light in the world through words, love, freedom, knowledge, and understanding?
  2. Do you feel you are an old soul, one who has lived many lives and have stored wisdom that you inherently just know and want to share?
  3. Do you meditate regularly, turn within to go back to the Source of Love and tune into your particular radio You that will guide you to your purpose?
  4. Are you truly pure of heart? Do you wish only the best for others? Do you believe people are truly good at their core?
  5. Do you have a tendency towards questioning the status quo and feeling like a bit of an outsider?

If you answered yes to all or most of the questions below, and you have been drawn to this site, then there is a high likelihood that you are indeed a light worker.

Below are five tips from INA + ILIA for how to help you connect to the Source and brighten your light in this world.

5 Tips to Draw Out the Light Worker Within

1. Create a loving environment within your home by first and foremost filling it with objects and mementos made and given out of love. Suvarna Peacock Pillow, $52

2. Create a zen den or meditation corner in your home, filled with candles, living plants and a buddha to remind you of the buddha and light within. Lawan Buddha, $100

Lawan Buddha INA + ILIA

3. Wear clear or blue crystal quartz to help align and clear your energy chakras so that you can speak your truth from the heart. INA + ILIA quartz necklaces, $12

Blue Quartz Necklace INA + ILIA

4. Take time out at the beginning of your day to set your intentions and demonstrate gratitude - best done over a cup of herbal tea. Thu Teaset, $450

Thu Ceramic & Bronze Teaset

5. Find your spirit animal and fill your home with objects that remind you to ask the Universe to show you your spirit animal when you need guidance. Jaya Bronze Horse, $65

Jaya Bronze Horse

Check out our favorite INA + ILIA meditation accessories here. What are your favorite ways to draw out your inner light and shine in the world?


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