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To Meditate // Goddess Wisdom

Christina Thelin

Posted on August 23 2018

To Meditate // Goddess Wisdom


As individuals, we often wear many hats throughout the day - businessperson, friend, spouse, lover, juggling a variety of commitments. We have to hustle, chase, and insert ourselves in many cases to be seen and heard, in order to get ahead. This charging ahead pulls from our masculine energy, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, women as a collective whole have had to play up their masculine energy in order to insert themselves into the business game. Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy but women tend to operate from a feminine center of gravity while men tend to operate from a masculine center of gravity.  An argument can be made that we as a human whole have taken this playing up of our masculinity too far - to a point where it is seeping into our home lives and relationships and disrupting the yin-yang balance that is necessary to be in harmony with one another. The cultural norm at the moment is to assert the masculine side of ourselves. But when you only have masculine and masculine, the result is not too dissimilar from a battlefield.

Being a warrior woman is a beautiful thing. However, we cannot and should not abandon our feminine side in the process. Showing up in the feminine invites in gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, compassion, and tolerance - traits our world is sorely lacking right now. And who better to help guide us in calling on the feminine than ancient Goddesses? The Goddess can take on many forms (Athena, Aphrodite….even Mother Mary) and they are all a part of who we are in our most feminine ideals. Below are 10 pearls of Goddess Wisdom that will help you call upon your inner feminine so that you can show up as the Goddess you already are!

10 Pearls of Goddess Wisdom

  1. The Goddess does not fight for her power - she operates, unforgivingly, from her center of truth
  2. The feminine gives back, in her power of being….not doing. Don’t let the doing be at the expense of the being
  3. The Goddess conveys true love through making another feel affirmed, celebrated, and safe
  4. A Goddess does not act out of neediness. You do not need a man. But you desire him. So stop chasing him and start reflecting your desires.
  5. Goddesses build their being, their truth, around a sacred goddess space that serves as a bedrock from which they create and hold space. If you do not have this, you will always be operating on quick sand.
  6. Goddesses take time every single day to activate their goddess space in order to recenter within and remember who they are. This can be done through meditating, journaling, taking a walk etc.
  7. Goddesses feel first, then think. Men think first, then feel. He wants his thoughts to be respected. She wants to feel cherished.
  8. Goddesses always respond with love. Love always gives a response, and sometimes the response is no. Goddesses acknowledge the way they chose but they can choose again
  9. Goddesses see relationships as assignments for maximal learning. When the lesson has been learned and the assignment completed, the Goddess is not afraid to take the keys back
  10. All thought creates form. Goddesses bring abundance to a situation and show up, which she then receives in return (even if the outcome is not immediate)


Do you have any pearls of Goddess Wisdom to share?

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