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To Adorn // Top 5 Summer Accessories

Christina Thelin

Posted on July 10 2018

To Adorn // Top 5 Summer Accessories

Summer is THE season for accessories and INA + ILIA is excited to introduce its summer accessories collection to you. These limited time items, available at accessible price points, will help you shine this summer. Below are our top 5 must-have summer accessories.

INA + ILIA's 5 Must-Have Summer Accessories.

1. Ophelia ‘Do Not Disturb’ Big Brim Straw Hat, $25

Ophelia Straw Hat INA + ILIA

Stand out like a star on the beach or farmer’s market while wearing this white, large Ophelia Big Brim Straw Hat embroidered with the words ‘Do Not Disturb.’ With an adjustable drawstring on the inside of the bring, you’ll be able to hang onto this hat even in the windiest of locales. With a name that literally means ‘help,’ the Ophelia Big Brim Sun Hat will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays while adding a dash of fun and whimsy to your outfit.

2. Cressida Straw Tote Bag, $55

Cressida Straw Round Tote Bag INA + ILIA

Named after one of Uranus’s moons, the round Cressida Straw Tote Bag is as beautiful and bright as many of Shakespeare’s leading ladies. Adorned with three playful naturally woven pom pops, this yellow and natural striped large tote bag makes for an excellent accessory for your trip to the beach, farmers market, or shopping day. Three is symbolic of the whole - beginning, middle and end while the color yellow invites in positivity, joy, and freshness.

3. Alula PomPom Tassel Earrings $20

Alulula PomPom Tassel Earrings INA + ILIA

Named after of one of the first twin stars discovered, the Alula PomPom Tassel Earrings will invite the question, ‘Where did you get those?’ Radiating vibrancy and light, add a pop of color to your casual or dressy outfit with these whimsical, weighty drop earrings. Choose between the more subdued grey/black combo or spicy red/turquoise set.

4. Sol Reflective Sunglasses, $15

Sol Reflective Sunglasses

Looking for the perfect summer shades? Look no further than the stylish Sol Reflective Sunglasses, which will protect your eyes this summer while being illuminated by the Sun’s powerful rays. A perfectly versatile shape, this frame provides a modern take on the classic cat eye lens. Lightweight and easy to wear, you’ll have people asking where you got these all summer long. Note, blue lenses are reflective while black are not.

5. Miranda Clear Quartz Necklace, $12

Miranda Clear Quartz Necklace INA + ILIA

Named after one of Uranus’ five moons, meaning ‘she who must be admired,’ the delicate clear quartz and gold plated Miranda Clear Quartz Necklace will become your go to necklace whether dressing up or down. Clear quartz is known as the master healer, regulating and restoring your energy level across all chakras. Gold evokes love, compassion, and illumination. Whether searching for a birthday or get-well gift, you are sure to please the receiver of this necklace.

What are your must-have summer accessories that you can't live without this season? Let us know below!


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