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To Meditate // Tips for Ushering in the Gemini New Moon

Christina Thelin

Posted on June 12 2018

To Meditate // Tips for Ushering in the Gemini New Moon


Whether you’re into astrology or not, Wednesday marks the arrival of the Gemini New Moon. New moons are seen as times of opportunity to reenergize and start anew. Unlike the powerful pull of the moon during a full moon phase,  the new moon allows us to purposefully set our mood and intentions for the month. As such, we want to make sure that we use this time to create a calming, peaceful haven in whatever place you call home to usher in the new moon.

The Gemini New Moon, in particular, marks one of the year’s peak moments for courage in your communication. Express what’s on your mind—and what’s in your heart. Gemini is the sign of communication, symbolized by the talkative Twins. If there’s anyone you’ve been meaning to reach out to, forgive, or let go of now is the time. Below are a few tips for ushering in the new moon and refreshing your home, which you can do all month long.

5 Tips for Ushering in the Gemini New Moon

1. Invite the outside in by adding a succulent or flowers to your home.

TIP: Adding plants in the home, especially the southwest corners of the home, supports your physical and career wellbeing. Use a beautiful bowl or jar as a planter to add a pop of color.

2. Use crystals, candles and/or herbal diffusers to stimulate and awaken your bodily senses. Add a buddha to awaken your internal flame of inner strength.

TIP: Adding a fire element, like a candle or Himalayan salt lamp, to the Southeast corners of your home promotes health and vitality.

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Gemini New Moon

3. Create a meditation space or spiritual corner of your home where you can quiet the mind and let in the wisdom of self.

TIP: Hanging chimes or dream catchers in the northwest part of your home can help create harmony in relationships. Decorate the space with comfortable pillows and throws.

4. Adding a water element will increase the flow of prosperity in your life.

TIP: Add an essential oil diffuser or fountain in the northeast part of your home to stimulate prosperity.


5. Declutter and let go of anything that no longer brings you joy. 

TIP: Find 7 things or items to throw out, 7 things to donate, and 7 things to give away that no longer serve you.

What do you do to welcome in the new moon? We'd love to hear in the comments below.

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