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  • To Illuminate // Artist Spotlight

    Christina Thelin

    Posted on October 04 2018

    To Illuminate // Artist Spotlight

    In this month’s artisan spotlight, we are highlighting Vietnamese paper kirigami and quilling artist Phuong Thi, who I met in Ho Chi Minh City last year. Phuong grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, where she learned the meticulous art of creating intricate shapes from trimmed strips of paper at a young age. She loved the detail oriented process of creating the cards as well as seeing the delight on customers’ faces when they open her magical creations. Though she has humble roots, hailing from a long line of traditional Vietnamese farmers, Phuong knew at a young age that artistic pursuits were her calling.

  • To Wander // Global Fashion

    Christina Thelin

    Posted on August 30 2018

    To Wander // Global Fashion
    One of the most beautiful things about traveling is encountering cultures and fashion that you have never heard of or seen before. Perhaps you’ve seen elements of the culture appear in high end fashion. What you might not realize is that most couture work found across high end fashion and home decor is created in cultures rich in religious traditions. Below are ten women from around the world, sporting their local traditional handicrafts.
  • To Celebrate // Wedding Gifts

    Christina Thelin

    Posted on August 07 2018

    To Celebrate // Wedding Gifts
    It’s summer time, which means it’s bridal shower and wedding season. Wedding registries are fantastic, especially for younger couples who are starting out their lives and first homes together. But what about those couples who have not created a registry, have asked for donations, or simply don’t want to register for a bunch of stuff? Or perhaps they already seemingly have everything. If you’re looking for a thoughtful bridal or wedding shower gift, consider buying the bride to be a handmade item, crafted out of love, that represents something meaningful. Below are five of our favorite bride-to-be gifts at INA + ILIA.

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