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To Rethink // Shopping Ethically

Christina Thelin

Posted on June 29 2018

Why Shop Ethically? INA + ILIA


Creating harmonious home environments by economically empowering women

At INA + ILIA, our vision is to empower and unite women around the world. We do this by connecting our customer base with artisans around the world through carefully curated collections of handcrafted home decor products from female owned or operated businesses.

Why do we choose to support female artisans and shop ethically?  

We support women who are working to create a living for themselves and their families which, in turn, allows for access to healthcare, education, and the creation of a harmonious home for their family.

Providing safe work environments

At INA + ILIA, we believe we are all cut from the same cloth, across all socioeconomic classes, genders, cultures, sexual orientations, education levels and races. Every dollar you spend supports fair wages, safe working environments, and a direct investment into artisan entrepreneurs. We ensure that the artists and entrepreneurs we support honor the following guidelines:

  • Employ at risk, impoverished women to improve their livelihood
  • Use of natural and organic products
  • Honor traditional handmade artisan techniques
  • Provide sustainable fair trade wages
  • Create classic designs, with a modern twist, reflective of the culture they come from

Paying love forward

By supporting these communities and preserving their beautiful artistry, you are not only economically empowering women in often male-dominated societies but preserving unique cultural artistry around the world.

By supporting communities who put heart into each of the products they make by hand, you are also further paying love forward by spreading positive energy to the communities you are supporting but also welcoming it into your and your loved one’s homes.

Our gift to you

We see you for the beautiful soul that you are and believe we all come from the same source of love - the same source and inspiration for the beautiful objects our artisan communities create. With every INA + ILIA purchase, you will receive a free rainbow moonstone as a token of our thanks for supporting global female craftswomen.

Rainbow moonstones harness energy to help women to recognize and embrace their personal power and inner strength. It teaches us confidence, and emanates great life force, vitality and overwhelming joy.

By connecting our customers with female artisans around the world, we hope to help you ignite your own inner light and create a conscious home.


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