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To Strive // Pop-Ups 101

Christina Thelin

Posted on October 10 2018

To Strive // Pop-Ups 101


Many of you know that INA + ILIA held its first Pop-Up Shop on Venice Beach’s famed street, Abbot Kinney, last week. We absolutely loved meeting our customers face to face and sharing the artists’ stories. A lot of preparation went into the Pop-Up, and we thought we would share our top five tips for taking your business offline and into the real world.

5 Tips for Setting Up Your Pop-Up Shop

1. Have Proper Signage/Branding

INA + ILIA Pop-Up Shop Booth

In order to make sure people know who you are, add branding wherever you can. We had a number of branded items printed with our logo through Vistaprint including business cards, two large banners, and posters. We also included brochures with all purchases, stamped branded bags, and framed pictures of our artisans.

2. Price Your Items 

INA + ILIA price tags

Given we have fixed prices on our website, we decided to label and price every single item in our stores. Yes, every single item included a price tag with the INA + ILIA logo and printed price. We were able to find a box of 1,000 price tags in downtown Los Angeles’ business district for a mere $2.50. We then hand-stamped our logo on each tag. This minimized the amount of questioning we received regarding prices, and nobody tried to negotiate with us.

3. Have Point-of-Sale (POS) Hardware and a Cashbox on Hand

INA + ILIA Pop-Up Shop 

Shopify, which is the platform that INA + ILIA uses, sent us a free bluetooth card reader attached to our online store. Most people at the Pop-Up used a credit or debit card to make their purchase, and Shopify’s technology made it super easy to make a transaction using their Shopify App on a phone. We did have a handful of purchases made with cash, which we were fully prepared to accept. For reference, we had about $350 of cash on hand using a mix of $20s, $10s, $5s, and $1s plus change.

4. Plan Your Display(s) in Advance and Conduct a Dry Run 


The Abbot Kinney Festival provided a 10’x10’ booth, and nothing else. My brother, Niklas Thelin, built us stunning rustic wooden shelves that could be broken down and loaded in the back of my SUV. A few days before the show, I did a ‘dry run’ of how I wanted to set up the booth and took pictures of where everything went so that unloading and loading the booth was a seamless process. I also organized products in Tupperware storage containers based on the different sections of the Pop-Up (e.g. register area, shelf 1, shelf 2, etc).

5. Ask for Help + Be Prepared to Move Things Around 

INA + ILIA Pop-Up Shop

As much as I thought I could host this Pop-Up on my own, I realized pretty quickly that it takes a Village to make a proper Pop-Up Booth come alive. I find it incredibly difficult to ask people for help and yet I had to. Thank goodness for the best friends and family around who signed up for two hour shifts throughout the day to help me during the twelve-hour market. Some of my friends also have prior retail experience so it was fantastic seeing them help sell INA + ILIA products! Throughout the day, we also ended up moving shelves and items around to encourage higher foot traffic and better utilization of our corner booth space.

All in all, we absolutely loved our experience of running a Pop-Up shop and plan to do it again soon!

Photos by Ash Edmonds (@ashedmo,

Do you have any other Pop-Up Shop tips?



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