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To Aspire // How to Create an Oasis of Calm, In the Midst of the Storm

Christina Thelin

Posted on June 11 2018

To Aspire // How to Create an Oasis of Calm, In the Midst of the Storm


Feeling the weight of the world

With hectic work schedules, increasing responsibilities within our communities, and doom and gloom daily news it can sometimes feel like there’s no way to escape the stress of our daily lives. Vacations are far and few between and that glass of rosé at the end of the day just doesn’t seem to take the edge off the way it used to. We are living through a fascinating point in time where we have access to so much information, and so much information flying at us at all times, yet we haven’t mastered the art of tuning out in order to tune back into ourselves. 

Finding your way back to harmony

At the end of the day, however, we are humans with feelings and emotions that need processing and rebalancing so that we can find our way back to harmony, that inner feeling of peace and contentment that allows us to reconnect with the Source energy and step into our full potential. With so much frenetic (and, frankly, negative) energy flying around the Universe, we have an even bigger obligation to check in with ourselves at the end of the day to reclaim our space and reconnect with what’s important.


Creating a conscious home

At INA + ILIA, we firmly believe that in order to truly be able to reconnect with yourself and find your way back to balance, you need to create a positive, energetic, balanced environment. While many people find this through attending yoga or meditation classes, going to a cafe, or taking a walk in nature, it all starts with where you live. It all starts where you start and end your day.

Beyond decluttering and streamlining what you have in your home, we believe in only inviting objects into the home that carry a positive energy about them. Beyond the obvious traits of style and good quality, it is important to know where your object came from. Is the product safe for your home and natural? Was the object made with love? Does purchasing this object help preserve an art former support a specific community? 

By purchasing items whose source origin you are aware of and that is safe, you are creating a circle of abundance and positive energy flow that can carry through every area of your life. And who doesn’t want more positive energy in the Universe?

Creating an Oasis

Why choose INA + ILIA?

At INA + ILIA, we are committed to curating beautiful objects made with love from female artisans around the world. With every purchase, you will receive one of a kind, high-quality, conscious product that is rooted in positive energy. You know where the product is made and by whom. With every purchase, you are empowering artisans and their communities financially and socially and helping them share and sustain traditional crafts.

Our gift to you

With every INA + ILIA purchase, you will receive a free rainbow moonstone as a token of our thanks for supporting global female craftswomen. Rainbow moonstones harness energy to help women to recognize and embrace their personal power and inner strength. It teaches us confidence, and emanates great life force, vitality and overwhelming joy. By connecting our customers with female artisans around the world, we hope to help you ignite your own inner light and create a conscious home.


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